‘Economics of Poetry’ Rome 2016

‘Economics of Poetry’: Rome, 28th-30th April, 2016


The organizers of ‘Economics of Poetry’ 2016, Paul Gwynne (AUR Rome) and Bernhard Schirg (Freie Universität, Berlin), are happy to announce this international conference dedicated to efficient techniques of producing neo-Latin poetry. From April 28th to 30th, we will make the slopes of the Gianicolo a place for scholarly discussion and discover new authors and texts on which the concept of ‘economics of poetry’ can be applied.


‘Economics of Poetry’ will be hosted by The American University of Rome, whose beautiful gardens overlook the Eternal City. It is organised in cooperation with the Institute of Greek and Latin Philology of the Freie Universität, Berlin. The conference is scheduled to begin on the late afternoon of Thursday, April 28th with an opening keynote lecture in the Villa Sciarra followed by an informal reception. We will have selected a total of 15 contributions from the proposed papers, which will be presented on Friday (April 29th) and Saturday (April 30th). ‘Economics of Poetry’  will close on Saturday afternoon with a concluding keynote lecture.








(two photographic impressions from the Villa Sciarra park by Erika Carr)

Confirmed keynote speakers

We are happy that the following keynote speakers have confirmed their participation in ‘Economics of Poetry’ 2016:

We are proud that the concept and our Call for Papers haveevoked great interest and led to a high number of exciting proposals. Scholars attending ‘Economics of Poetry’ can expect a balanced program of presentations ranging from the Middle Ages over the Renaissance to Baroque, and encompassing not only the ‘classical’ centers of Neo-Latin verse production such as Italy or the Netherlands, but also the lesser known traditions of Sweden, Ireland and Japan. A full list of speakers and presentation titles can now found here. A detailed program will be published on the homepage in early 2016.

Who can participate in ‘Economics of Poetry’ 2016?

‘Economics of Poetry’ is an international conference that is open to the academic public. It primarily addresses Latinists with a focus on medieval and neo-Latin poetry. The conference is open to other fields of literature, as well, in which the underlying concept can be fruitfully applied. You should at least be pursuing a PhD to participate in ‘Economics of Poetry’.

How long do you expect contributions to be, and what will be the conference language(s)?

Your contribution consists of a 20 minutes-presentation. Papers can be given in English, Italian, German and French. However we encourage you to present either in English or Italian, as this will enable a representative portion of the international audience to follow your argument and to participate in the following discussion. Please note that a handout including an English summary of your paper (300 words) is mandatory if you present in any language besides English. The proceedings of the conference will be published by a leading academic press and will appear in English.

Will you provide for the costs of travelling and accomodation?

The organizers will apply at major foundations to cover the expenses of the accepted and confirmed participants to ‘Economics of Poetry’. Please note that due to application procedures, we are not able to be specific about the heigth of our contribution beforehand. However we kindly ask you fill out the corresponding parts in the application form, which will allow us to calculate the budget for these applications. We are committed to offering full travel and accomodation bursaries especially for those scholars who find themselves at an early stage of their career.

How do I apply, and when is the application deadline?

The Call for Papers for ‘Economics of Poetry’ 2016 closed on 16th August 2015. Please contact the organisers directly if you think your topic should still be considered in the conference.