Who we are

‘Economics of Poetry’ has been initiated by the Neo-Latinists Paul Gwynne (The American University of Rome) and Bernhard Schirg (Freie Universität, Berlin). Please that this is an open project, and you are welcome to be part of ‘Economics of Poetry’.



Bernhard Schirg is a researcher at the Department of Medieval and Neo-Latin Philology at the Freie Universität Berlin. In his Göttingen PhD-thesis he studied and edited Pietro Lazzaroni’s Carmen ad Alexandrum VI (1497) and developed the approach presented on this homepage.
He has a strong interest in the Italian Renaissance and has recently worked on authors such as the poet Giovambattista Cantalicio and the courtier Mario Equicola. Bernhard’s research spans from the Italian peninsula to the Baltic sea. He is currently working on a monographical study on the monumental Atlantica of the Swedish polymath Olof Rudbeck and how his transformation of classical antiquity was received all around the Baltic Sea (1670-1800).


Paul Gwynne is Professor of Classics and Interdisciplinary Studies at The American University of Rome. He holds a PhD from the Warburg Institute in London, which was dedicated to the works of neo-Latin poet Giovanni Michele Nagonio. He has worked and published on an impressive array of neo-Latin authors from the Italian Renaissance including Ugolino Verino and Francesco Sperulo. He is currently working on a study on Francesco Benci’s Quinque Martyres and the origins of Jesuit epic.